Onduline manufactures factory facades, roofs and sidings for all types of industrial plants and production facilities; such as storage facilities, warehouses and logistics platforms. Onduline's range of products is designed to constantly prioritise the primary purpose of such buildings - the need to protect personnel and stock, including often highly expensive machinery and equipment - from the elements and any unwanted intruders. 

At Onduline, we understand that replacing roofs and claddings is a considerable investment and one that should not need to be carried out very often! Roofs, exterior walls and factory sidings must be durable and retain their performance all over the years and this understanding is exactly what has led to Onduline's current position as a market leader in the sector. 

Browse our range of roofing products and you will find sheet and roofing materials guaranteed to offer the protection you need for your building. Whether you're looking for materials with light transmission, chemical resistance, fire rating, mechanical strength, insulation or ease of installation, you'll find what you need in the ONDUCLAIR range! 


You can see the reference pictures and watch the application videos to discover Onduline products.