Make sure the roof or your hotel and restaurant is repaired or installed in time for the start of the holiday season. Whether you own a grand hotel or a beachfront cafe, Onduline can help your roof become restored to its full functionality.

A roof that fits in well with those of surrounding properties and that ensures the wellbeing of all occupants is essential. Guests need to be able to enjoy their time, whether it is raining or sunny.

Each region has its own specific requirements when it comes to roofing materials. Buildings in coastal areas, for example, need non-corrosive materials so they will not become rusty after exposure to salty sea storms. Regions, where heavy rainfall is common, require roofing materials with exceptional water tightness and acoustical comfort. Onduline can supply the most appropriate type of roofing for your resort property. Contact us today for more advice about how our products can benefit your home.


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