Discover our products for designing transparent or translucent roofing: corrugated polycarbonate or polyester sheets, synthetic glass, PVC sheets.

Offering excellent light diffusion, these solutions can be used for a wide variety of constructions: verandas, greenhouses, barns, pergolas, but also offices, schools, gyms…

A transparent roof (or translucent roofing) provides the benefit of natural light together with significant energy savings, reducing the need for artificial lighting. Onduline sheets are specially designed to guarantee a transparent roof that is both efficient and durable. Resistance to impacts and extreme temperatures, anti-UV and insulation properties – we design high-quality solutions. 

Onduline's roofing products are available in a variety of colours and finishes suited to all your projects. 


You can see the reference pictures and watch the application videos to discover Onduline products.