Owners of civic or private buildings to which the public have access, such as leisure centres, schools, museums, shops, railways stations and more - will understand that installing a new roof is a major undertaking with many considerations. Respecting and complying with local and specific regulations is essential and the outcome of this initial stage will determine the success of the project. 
New roofs and exteriors are associated with significant capital expenditure so sustainability and durability are also important. Using products of sufficiently good quality means that they will not need to be replaced frequently. Not forgetting the key function of a new roof - to protect the health and wellbeing of all visitors, staff and occupants of the building! 

The choice of roofing materials will depend on several factors that may be prioritised according to the nature of the project. Owners may prefer thermal and acoustic comfort over high noise levels and efficiency. Other may choose greater fire resistance over a roof light or impact resistance versus renovation. Onduline can advise you on the most appropriate material for your individual requirements and on the best ways of keeping the business fully operational and members of the public safe during the works. 


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