Good to know before you prepare your new roof project 

We usually underestimate the importance of our roof till it leaks… Your roof protects you and your beloved ones. It should protect you against rain and sun, snow and wind. If you want to reroof or renovate it, make sure your new roof will be reliable and durable.

To make the right choice, we have listed below the major things to take into consideration to help you to prepare your roof project.

-          Which material for your roof?

Selecting the roof material is your very first step. The roof you will select will have consequences on the structure and the other elements of your roofing project. Select the roofing material you need depending on your climate conditions and the budget you have in mind. Our product selector may help you to select the best solution for you.

The choice of the material will also impact the style your roof will have. Would you prefer a high-pitched roof or a flat one? Rather traditional or modern roof? You may want to keep the same roof style as the neighbourhood – you may even be obliged to keep the same roofing materials. Think the roof is the fifth façade of your building. It will be visible to others… and to you.  

Check also with your local authority to know what you can do and what cannot be done.  


-          Which structure for your roof?

The metal or wood structure may be hidden, but it is an essential part of your roof durability and resistance.  Would you select a light weight roofing material, then the structure will be lighter and more affordable compared to clay tiles or other heavy roofing materials.

You may need a full deck if you are interested by Shingles for instance.  

Your roofer will for sure give you helpful advice.

-          Which quality and durability for my roof?

You will not change your roof very often and it represents an important investment. We recommend you to think carefully to the quality you are looking for. Similar roofing materials may not have the same durability. Pay attention to the warranties given by the manufacturer. They are often linked to a recommended installation that must be followed.

Your roofer should help you.


-          Which roofers?

Choosing the right roofer is key for a durable and reliable roof. Check their ranking on social media, word of mouth, their work permit. Have a look at jobsites they are realizing or have realized. Don’t hesitate to discuss with other customers. Manufacturers have usually a roofer network they can recommend.

Clarify the scope of the works. Carefully read their estimate and make sure each offer is set on the same basis.

Be available for the roofer. Consider this project as a team work!


-          Which roof financing?

You may need a roof financing. Check first with your financial main partner and bank. Roofers may give you some tips, depending on some potential financial contributions you could benefit from.