Product benefits
Extended colour range
Excellent options
Mechanical Resistance
High Quality
BARDOLINE, being both lightweight, flexible and durable, is a product that is easy to apply on all kinds of roofs

BARDOLINE is a shingle type roofing material manufactured from glass fiber reinforced base saturated in high-quality bitumen, covered with various colors of granulated minerals.

BARDOLINE system provides a wide range of excellent options to create waterproof, reliable, durable, lightweight and aesthetic roofs and it is easy to apply on all types of constructions.


Safety during application
BARDOLINE is a material which does not create any risks when walked on. Many materials bend or break during the application because it is necessary for the roofing crew to walk while the application is on progress.

Lightweight material
BARDOLINE weighs about 10kgs/sqm and is a lightweight material that reduces the force exerted on the roof structure. It is light material comparer to others in the market.

High-quality production
BARDOLINE consists of many layers that make up the high quality of the product. There are two waterproof bituminous layers and in between is the non-woven fiberglass reinforcement that increases the strength of the material. Granulated slate layer gives the special look and color of BARDOLINE that covers up your roofs with aesthetics.

Easy to handle
BARDOLINE is easily applicable to all types of roofs including surfaces as it is a flexible material. The installation is easy and fast, your roof will quickly offer reliable protection, in case of new building or renovation. BARDOLINE bituminous shingle is recognized as one of the leading lightweight roofing systems throughout the world, creating an attractive traditional roof finish, while being easy to fix and handle. These qualities allow designers to create exciting and original roofing configurations on a wide range of projects.

Aesthetical and long-lasting!
BARDOLINE is an aesthetic solution with its patched texture and attractive choice of colors.
It is waterproof, its patched and flexible construction prevents from cracking during extreme temperature variations. As a consequence, it is a long-lasting roofing material which will protect nicely your building.

Easily adaptable to any substructure
BARDOLINE shingles can be applied by fixing with nail or torching on. When applied with the use of nails, special, galvanized large-headed BARDOLINE nails are used. The wooden substructure can be battens with a smooth surface, preferably plained, as OSB (oriented Strand Board) or plywood.

BARDOLINE shingles are manufactured and tested according to EN 544 and are CE marked.

Bardoline Asphalt Shingle Traditional Africa bardoline traditional pic
Bardoline Traditional Colours






BARDOLINE APP for roofs and facade.


Bardoline Standard APP Roofing Shingles bardoline standard pic
Bardoline Standard APP Colours Africa






BARDOLINE CAMBRIDGE XPRESS laminated, double layer; their random appearance makes easier the way they’re installed and the homeowners like the depth.


bardoline xpress drawing bardoline xpress pic
Bardoline Cambridge Xpress Colours





BARDOLINE CAMBRIDGE XTREME laminated double layer; their random appearance makes easier the way they’re installed and the homeowners like the depth besides it is easier and quick to bond thanks to their self- adhesive performances.


Bardoline Cambridge Xtreme Shingle Drawing  
Bardoline Cambridge Xtreme Colours





BARDOLINE CLASSIC, for affordable, DIY applications.


Bardoline Classic Traditional Roofing Shingle bardoline pro traditional pic
Bardoline Classic Traditional Colours






BARDOLINE CLASSIC, for affordable, DIY applications.


Bardoline Classic Standard Roofing Shingles Drawing Africa bardoline standard pic
Bardoline Classic Standard Colours






BARDOLINE CLASSIC, for affordable, DIY applications.


Bardoline Classic Nova Roofing Shingle Drawing Africa bardoline hexagonal pic
Bardoline Classic Nova Colours






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