Ridge A100
Onduline Ridge A100 Black
Onduline Ridge A100 Green
Onduline Ridge A100 Brown
Ridge A100 Intense Red
Ridge A100 Intense Black
Ridge A100 Intense Grey
Onduline Ridge A100 Intense Ceramic
Ridge A100
Ridge A100 Intense Brown
Ridge A100 Dual RED 3D
Ridge A100 Dual GREEN 3D
Ridge A100 Dual Brown 3D


Product benefits

Ridge element compatible with Onduline roofing sheets
Available in various colors to match roof aesthetic
Same material and same colors as the roofing material
Necessary to activate Onduline Waterproofing warranty
Easy to install
Wind resistant

ONDULINE RIDGE A100/A90 is used to waterproof the peak of the roof

ONDULINE RIDGE A100 is used to waterproof the peak of ONDULINE roofs. 

Easy to install, the ridge accessory avoids water to penetrate into the building.

The ridge element is made of the same material as the sheets and the tiles for perfect match in aesthetic, performance and durability of the roof.

The use of Onduline accessories (ridge, verge, fixings) is necessary to activate the product waterproofing warranty.



Installation advices

Minimum overlap: 15 cm
Lay ONDULINE RIDGE at the opposite end of prevailing winds
Fix with Onduline Screws or nails at corrugations top


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