Product benefits
High resistance to all weather conditions.
Easy to install
UV resistant
FLASHING BAND: A highly innovative solution to secure roof details waterproofing
  • Aluminium self-adhesive flashing band, used for the waterproofing of chimneys and wall abutments, as well as other sensitive roof details where reliable waterproofing is needed.
  • complementary element for Onduline & Onduvilla roofs, also used for tiled roofs, metal roofs, metal tiled roofs 
  • 25% stretchability
  • Excellent gluing performance.
  • UV resistant

The use of Onduline accessories (ridge, verge, fixings) is necessary to activate the product waterproofing warranty.

  • Thickness of the aluminum: 100 μ
  • Density of butyl glue: 1,7 g/m3
  • Width of butyl glue: 290 mm +/- 1 mm
  • Thickness of butyl glue: 1,0 mm +/- 0,1 mm
  • Minimum installation temperature: +5 °C
  • Temperature resistance: from -30 °C to +80 °C
Installation advices
  • The surfaces to be sealed have to be dry.
  • FLASHING BAND is cold applied.
  • Free from frost, grease and silicone as well as abrasion-proof.
  • The best application temperature range is above +5 °C.
  • FLASHING BAND has to be pressed on firmly after the application.
  • The appearance of cavities (blisters) has to be avoided.
  • If several tapes will be applied the overlapping has to be at least 50 mm.
  • For chimney and wall abutments, secure long term waterproofing by finishing upper edge of FLASHING BAND with a Z-profile and a strip of silicone mastic.