BITULINE Foundation Waterproofing
BITULINE Foundation Waterproofing
BITULINE Foundation Waterproofing


Product benefits

Foundation waterproofing
High quality
Broad range of products
Pressure resistant
10 year waterproofing warranty
Mechanical strength

BITULINE provides a complete, economical, long lasting waterproofing, with no need of maintenance or reapplication processes

Permanent Waterproofing!
The membranes are combined together by fusion welding and then simply bonded onto the desired surface. This welding technique makes waterproofing permanent. The waterproofing of the BITULINE system is also complete at joints.

State-of-The Art Technology
BITULINE membranes are manufactured using a state-of-the art technology equipment at a factory environment ensuring homogenous waterproofing as well as integrity of materials in terms of quality which eliminates any insulation risks.

Watertightness at Every Conditions
Thanks to the modified bitumen,insulation retains its flexibility even under very low temperatures,free of any cracks, while loosening rather late and thus maintaining its form under high temperatures. This is why BITULINE system may be used safely under any climatic conditions.