Discover ONDUVILLA, a range of lightweight, durable,
and eco-friendly tiles that protect your roof


Developed by the world leader in composite roofing sheets, with a powerful global presence in more than 100 countries.


  •  Lightweight
  •  Aesthetics
  • Waterproof
  • Thermal Confort
  • Acoustic Confort
  • Easy Application
  • Eco-Responsible

ONDUVILLA is a unique and complete system that’s well suited for renovations or new buildings and it’s perfect for all standard roofing structures, including wooden and metallic battens and wooden and concrete decks. They are used for large range of applications: high end housing, condomiums, hotel residences, hotels, tourism complexes, institutions, summer houses, etc.

ONDUVILLA tiles random shadow imitations give the distinctive, raised appearance of traditional Mediterranean roofs. You can enhance your home with a system that adapts seamlessly to all roof shapes and sizes. All the components match brilliantly. ONDUVILLA is a truly unique roofing solution and a complete system, offering you brilliant aestheticism, reliability, thermal and acoustical comfort, and a wide choice of colours.

Manufactured through an environment friendly technology, ONDUVILLA roofing tile is a flexible and cost effective product that provides weather protection, sound and thermal insulation. It is completely waterproof, cannot rust. Backed by exclusive SealSmart technology, the waterproofing is secured thanks to double-embossment technology at the overlaps.

Complete system providing perfect solutions thanks to its large range of accessories and weighing  only 4kg/m², ONDUVILLA tiles are really practical to install: only a hammer or electric screw driver is needed for securing the tiles and a band saw for cutting them down to size. Manufactured from recycled fibers, Onduvilla® tiles contain no asbestos and therefore present no health risk either in installation or when the building is in use.

Backed by exclusive SealSmart™ technology, when perforating an ONDUVILLA tile, generated heat provokes micro bitumen exudation drops. This liquid bitumen automatically seals off all around the metallic thread of the fastener, providing secured long term waterproofing.

Made from most advanced technology, ONDUVILLA tiles have a very low heat conducting coefficients: they provide a perfect seal integrity in all climates and insulate against the noise of heavy rainfall. Lightweight and flexible, ONDUVILLA tiles are specified by many architects in regions of the world exposed to the risk of hurricanes.


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