Working on institutional buildings roofs, such as government offices, hospitals, universities and historic town halls has a specific set of requirements.

It is important, for example, to be aware that your clients are obliged to adhere to many restrictions if the property is a listed building. At the same time, a functional high-performing roof at a realistic price is also essential. The roof must be long-lasting, able to withstand many years of exposure to the elements and able to protect the employees and contents of the interior. Finally, for historic buildings and those with architectural significance, aesthetics is often imperative to maintain the patrimony and the original appearance of the building.

At Onduline, we understand that to fulfil the demands of your clients, product selection is key - the materials must be of sufficient quality to perform as intended. Onduline's range of products is certified and sustainably produced, which appeals to many in today's increasingly eco-conscious world.

We also supply useful tools, such as manuals and videos so you can explain the technical details to your clients as well as ensuring you have everything you need to guarantee a proper installation.

Reputation is everything in the roofing trade, and the successful completion of an institutional project is certain to enhance the standing of your business, especially with our support.