Installing roof shingles is fast. The roof shingles are easy to transport: their packaging and their low weight facilitates handling and storage. They are installed on a full deck. Cutting roof shingles is simple with a cutter.
You have at your disposal a wide range of BARDOLINE bituminous shingles qualities, colours and forms to satisfy the needs of your customers.
Installing roof shingle is easy with standard tools:   

  • Tools
    • Hammer
    • Cutter
    • Meter
    • Level.



Installing roof shingles step by step

Good to know:

  • A full deck, like OSB, is needed to install shingles. 
  • Install shingles starting from the eave.
  • Cut the shingles on the back of the granulated face.
  • Installing roof shingles varies according to the slope and the climatic zone of the project. Call us to find out what the constraints of your project are.

Prepare installation 

  • Check the structure so that it is perfectly flat - an irregularity is unattractive and can cause infiltration
  • Seal by covering the roof with Ondutiss Strong parallel to the eave
  • Ensure 10 cm horizontal overlap and 15 cm at the ends 
  • Fix the underlayer securely with staples and large-headed nails. 

BARDOLINE Installation 1 - support

Fix Bardoline 

  • Guide wide-headed BARDOLINE nails: heads must be straight and deep without damaging the shingle.
  • For steep slopes (> 60 °), use additional nails and ONDUMASTIC to seal.


BARDOLINE Installation 2 - first raw


Install roof shingles 

  • Start installing roof shingles from the bottom and go on to the ridge. Start each row by the gable end.
  • 1st strip: Prepare the first strip by cutting the head lap of the shingles. Shorten the shingle of one tab so that the joints are not aligned with the 1st row.
  • 1st course: Start with a complete shingle and continue on the first row, fixing the shingles as you go.
  • 2nd and following courses:
    • Shorten the shingle of a tab. Secure the shingle so that the lower end of the tab aligns with the top of the 1st course shingle cut out.
    • For 3rd course, shorten one tab.
    • For the 4th and the following courses, always shift the shingle laying by shortening by half a tab
  • Glue the rakes with ONDUMASTIC for a better seal.

BARDOLINE Installation 3 - other courses


Fix the ridge

  • Cut triangles at the notches of each leg to form each shingle ridge element. 

BARDOLINE Installation 4a - ridge

  • Fix the triangles on ridge in the opposite direction to prevailing winds.
  • Secure them with 2 nails on each side and an bead of ONDUMASTIC.

BARDOLINE Installation 4b - ridge

For the installation of all the other specific parts of the roof, please have a look at our BARDOLINE installation guide.

Find several documents on BARDOLINE that may help you to sell and install our roofing shingles: commercial brochures, certifications, technical datasheets, declaration of de performance (DOP), …

Any question about installing roofing shingles? Please contact us!