Installation on full deck, minimum pitch:

  • 14°-85° for Rectangular
  • 19°-85° for Hexagonal
  • 17°-85° for Beaver
  • 20°-85° for Opera
  • 18°-85° for Triangular
  • 22°-85° for Design

Clad the decking with a felt underlay, secured with broad-headed galvanized nails.




Attach BARDOLINE using large-headed galvanized  nails which are at least 28 mm in length. Seal the  shingles together by reheating the thermo-adhesive  points located between the outer edges. Strengthen the  bonding action by applying bitumen mastic.




Cut each strip into four pieces, trimming the tile back 20 mm from the top edge of the tile strip. Lay tiles opposite end of the roof from prevailing wind. Lay on adhesive strip and nail centre lap section.