A simple checklist for new roof projects

Building or renovate a new roof may be a nightmare for your customers. It is an important expense. On the other hand, you spend most of your time on jobsites or with customers, we know how timing is precious to you.

Below some tips we have heard and shared with roofers. You may have already implemented them. Roofers who have experimented them gave us very positive feedbacks.

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  • Be your first fan!
    • Take pictures of the works you have done (before and during the works and when you are finished). Show them you follow up the project and you know how to give useful advice
    • Ask your customers to let a testimony on social media. They will be useful for other customers
    • Prepare a book of the most interesting cases to reassure them.


  • Be your customers’ best friend 
    • Visit with them the suppliers’s websites to let them look and feel the quality of the material you recommend them
    • Keep being informed on the financial contributions that could help them to finance their roof
    • Become selected roofer of your main suppliers, it is a sign of the quality of your work
    • Show the trainings you and your team made…


  • Be the devil advocate
    • Be clear in your estimates, let them touch and feel the difference of similar products, but those quality is noticeably different
    • define the scope of your works
    • Explain your customers how you will do and how you will solve their issues...