Onduline is one of the foremost suppliers of underroofing materials in the world, stocking everything you need to make your roofs absolutely watertight. Onduline supplies an extensive range of products including lightweight bitumen roofing sheets and tiles, roofing shingles, clear polycarbonate sheets, corrugated glass-reinforced polyester panels and bituminous membranes. You will find underroofing materials suitable for use under any type of tile, including ceramic or concrete tiles. It maintains the aesthetic and authenticity of your tiles with a safe and durable solution. Our underlayer products, 30-year guaranteed, are highly recommended for many reasons. 


Onduline roof underlayment products are noted for their superior properties that allow you to work quickly and effectively. They are lightweight, fast to install, easy to carry, straightforward to stock and exceptionally robust. Onduline products are essential for your peace of mind as they are durable, watertight and prevent loss of heat through leakage - a major concern of eco-conscious owners. The unique design of Onduline corrugated underoofing means that it can even be used on roofs with a low incline.


We developed two ranges of underlayment products. ISOLINE is perfect for old structures, the tile alignment is easy. There is no need to completely uncover the roof during the construction. ONDUTISS seals homes against air, wind and water. Ideal as an under-roof solution, it protects your home from leaks. Its various grammages are adapted to your project and the needs of your customers