Onduline TIle Red House roof with Swimming Pool
Onduline TIle Red House roof in marina
Onduline TIle Red House in forest
Onduline TIle Red House roof
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Onduline Tile Brown House in Russia
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Product Benefits

Large roof panel with tile effect
Fast to install, made easier thanks to smart grooved locking system
Fast weatherproofing
Complete system
Easy to transport and store
Attractive, quick-to-install bitumen tile sheets
Complete system
15-year warranty

Attractive, quick-to-install bitumen tile sheets

ONDULINE TILE is the first asphalt-based roofing sheet to offer the roof a look of regular tiles. ONDULINE TILE is the ideal solution for all projects where a tile design is expected from your client. Adapted for both new-build and renovation, ONDULINE TILE sheets offers a contemporary profile with the aesthetically pleasing finish of classical roof tiles.  

ONDULINE TILE bitumen sheets are designed to really optimise installation times.

  • No measurement is needed for the right overlap between sheets thanks to the embossed lines at the edges. The smart overlapping lines enable easy alignment while providing enough overlap to guarantee watertightness regardless of the roof's slope. 
  • Thanks to the flat sections between the corrugations, you can easily move around the roof throughout the installation process.
  • In addition, the product is pre-marked to help you align the fixings easily without a chalk line for an optimum aesthetic effect. 

Like all Onduline sheets, ONDULINE TILE sheet is very easy to cut with a circular saw, a handsaw or even a cutter for awkward shapes. No special tools are needed.
Weighing only 3.1 kg/m², ONDULINE TILE sheets are also very light. 
This clearly makes handling easier during installation, enables the roof structure to be optimised and, in many cases, avoids the need for lifting equipment to carry the products up to roof level. Finally, the low weight also saves fuel on deliveries to building sites.

With ONDULINE TILE sheets, you will work faster and more efficiently - giving you more time to take on new jobs and increase your annual revenue.

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Installation advice

ONDULINE TILE corrugated bitumen panels are quick to install. Fitting the panels requires only basic tools.

View our step-by-step installation instructions.


ONDULINE TILE sheets are provided with a 15-year waterproofing warranty going along with the respect of our installation guidelines and the use of ONDULINE accessories (Ridge, Verge, Fixings). 

Should you have any question, please consult our FAQ section or contact us directly.

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Should you have any question, please consult our FAQ section or contact us directory.