Product benefits
Simple to carry around and handle - does not cut
Easy to cut out without specific tools
Flexible: absorbs the defects of old structures
Safe: contains no asbestos or metal - does not rust
Quick installation
Lightweight material

Distributed in most European countries, ONDULINE BASE roof panels are now a reference for non-residential roofing: secondary habitats, recreational buildings, garages, carports, patios, garden sheds, wooden shelters ... They are used for the roofing of new structures and are very often chosen for roof renovations.  With ONDULINE BASE, you recommend your customers an economical and reliable roof solution that will withstand bad weather (heavy rain, strong winds, snow, temperature differences, frost, thaw, high temperatures ...).  

The panels are very quick and easy to install on the frame.  
Thanks to the lightness of the panels, a professional can carry one or more panels on his own without any mechanical assistance. This facilitates handling all the way to the roof and accelerates the work. It also allows laying the panels on most structures, even on old shingles shingles or on the actual bitumen felt delivered with most shelters.  The lateral and vertical overlap system is very intuitive. Fasteners - points or screws - with an integrated sealing washer, are specially designed to facilitate the installation and guarantee total, durable impermeability.  
The installation guide as well as the videos will help you to install ONDULINE BASE without making any errors, guaranteeing your customers a durably waterproof and good-looking roof.   

Thanks to their size and weight, the roof panels can be easily stored in a small shed, and easily transported in a van.  

The Onduline material is safe and proven by 75 years of manufacturing and distribution around the world: it contains neither asbestos, nor metal.  
No hazardous substance is emitted by the material during its life cycle, including during installation, cutting or drilling. Asbestos has never been a component of the Onduline material. 
Given the absence of metal, the roof never rusts, even when it is installed at the seaside. In addition, the edges of panels do not cut and therefore pose no threat during installation or later (which may be appreciated by parents whose children could play nearby).  

    • Length: 200 cm
    • Width: 85 cm 
    • Thickness: 2.6 mm 
    • Corrugation height: 38 mm 
    • Weight per plate: 5.1 kg 
    • Weight per m²: 3.0 kg 

    Support structures:  

    • Continuous (OSB for example) (recommended) 
    • Discontinuous (wood or metal battens) 

    Distance between the support structures:  

    • Slopes > 15 ° (27%): 61 cm 
    • Slopes between 10 and 15° (17-27%): 45 cm 

    Maximum overflow to the sewer: 7 cm 

    Minimum slope: 5° (continuous support structure required) 

    Useful area per plate: up to 1.59 m²

    Refer to the installation guide for all installation recommendations

    Horse Stable
    Leisure house
    Garden shed
    Installation and documentation
    Installation tips

    Some tips to follow for a successful installation and to guarantee an optimal lifetime: 

    • Support structure: A continuous OSB support structure is recommended. An installation on battens is quite possible but make sure to respect the spacing between the battens according to the slope (battens every 46.5 cm recommended, 61 cm if the slope is very steep). 
    • Overflow to the sewer: the ONDULINE BASE sheet must not protrude more than 5 cm from the support structure, otherwise it risks sagging with time.  
    • Fasteners: Respect the number of fasteners (10/m²), especially in the sewer (lower part of the roof) and the overlaps. Each wave must be fastened to both ends of the plate. Use Onduline fasteners, available at all points of sale. Do not hesitate to ask a salesperson at the store because they sometimes have a different radius. They guarantee watertightness thanks to the integrated washer, and optimize the durable good looks of your roof.
    • When installing on a continuous support structure, save some cutouts by expanding the overlap area. (not to be done on a discontinuous support structure, at the risk of having the part covered in the underside subside). 
    • To cut a straight plate, use another plate. It will serve as a guide 
    • The blade of your saw or your cutter is seized in bitumen? You can clean it with an organic solvent such as White Spirit, or even with Diesel. 
    • Use a chalk to pre-trace the positions of fasteners. If the rows of fasteners are parallel, you will significantly improve the aesthetics of the roof.  

    Safety, a top priority
    We recommend that you always work with special attention to your safety. Always wear gloves, goggles, a helmet, and even a harness depending on the height of the roof ...). Always make sure that you are working on a stable support structure and wearing suitable shoes. Move around on the roof to the battens, ideally along the gauges to avoid the risk of falling, including through the roof.  

    ONDULINE BASE roof panels are easy and quick to assemble: follow all our installation instructions.


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