If you are a roofer and are looking for lightweight and high-quality solutions for roofs or to protect a building, Onduline's Solutions could offer the answer you are looking for. Our Solutions include lightweight, efficient and smart to install roofing systems, overroofing with fast and convenient installation; underroofing with the latest innovations to prevent leaks and maximise insulation, whilst maintaining the aesthetics of clay tiled roofs; and rooflight, which provides several hi-tech solutions to match the specifications of your project. 

Onduline is a world leader in the manufacture of roofing materials and works closely with roofers to develop products that are lightweight, straightforward to transport, and - importantly - easy to handle and use on site. Onduline also has all your waterproofing needs - from foundations to wall cladding and underroofing, you will find everything you need for your next project. Moreover, our Solutions also encompass protective products to keep your roofs looking as fresh as the day they were painted. 

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