Owners and investors in industrial plants and production facilities know that the main purpose of storage facilities, warehouses and logistics platform is to protect people and goods, including valuable machinery. Good-quality roofs and claddings are a vital investment and crucial to ensuring that production continues! They must be durable and retain their performance over many years. 

Key specifications of industrial roofing and industrial cladding can vary but generally include light transmission, chemical resistance, fire rating, mechanical strength, insulation and ease of installation. Whatever your industrial building cladding requirements, you'll find the right product in the ONDUCLAIR range! 

From simple skin to more technical products, ONDUCLAIR products are fast to install and well-known for their quality. And they are additionally supplied with many tools at your disposal, from the commercial brochure to explain the solution you are recommending to your customers to the video, technical literature and detailed installation instructions. ONDUCLAIR systems ensure you can protect your buildings for many years to come.