ONDULINE is extremely lightweight - weighing as little as 3 kg/m². This feature has several benefits for roofers - it is easier to handle at each stage of the process - from transport to installation. It is easy to see why ONDULINE is the choice of professionals. The flexibility of ONDULINE sheets is also very popular with roofers. Sheets are straightforward to fit through building openings to access the roof. The high degree of flexibility also makes ONDULINE sheets the ideal choice for architects and installers who need to cope with rounded roofs or with uneven structures, particularly in renovation projects. 

The corrugated shape of ONDULINE Sheets permits natural ventilation of the roof structure, with airflow entering at the eaves up to the ridge. It also provides a better level of thermal comfort inside the building. ONDULINE sheets are also suitable for use in lightweight structures, older buildings and roofs with a low incline. 
It does not matter where you are in the world; ONDULINE sheets are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures from the Siberian tundra to the hotter areas of the Middle East. They are also safe to handle as they do not contain Asbestos and never have had. ONDULINE consists of cellulosic fibres and is completely metal-free so there is no danger of rust - and it does not contain any harmful substances. However, it is highly resistant to salt and acids so is perfect for use in coastal towns and certain industrial plants. ONDULINE is also waterproof and resistant to the strongest winds. 

ONDULINE sheets are also exceptionally easy to work with. Roofers find them ideal to carry out to the roof, cut to size and install. ONDULINE sheets also feature an innovative anti-slip rough surface that reduces the chance of accidents during handling. Roofers and professionals also appreciate the fact that a full range of useful accessories is sold with ONDULINE sheets. Items such as ventilation pipes, skylights, fasteners all designed to be used with ONDULINE products. 

The speed with which ONDULINE sheets can be installed is particularly impressive. it is estimated an average roof of 80 m² can be installed in 8 hours with three experienced roofers. However, this rapid time is frequently bested by advanced installers. There are many obvious benefits to time-savings - more annual projects, greater profits and happier clients! 

There are so many reasons to choose ONDULINE, not least because it is also an economical choice with a competitive and affordable pricing structure. To find out more about the advantages of ONDULINE, contact the team today.