Do you have customers that require asbestos renovation, fibre cement or shingle roofing? Find out why an ONDULINE, ONDUVILLA or ONDUCLAIR RENOV over-coverage is the solution they need. 

Overroofing has numerous advantages for roofers and clients alike. The existing roof is left in place - you simply place the overroofing on top of it. This is quicker for you and much less disruptive for the family who can continue to live or work as normal. Moreover, Onduline roof-coverage materials are light so the structure does not need to be reinforced. The work can be carried out at any time of year as there are no additional risks posed by rain or bad weather so it is easier for you and your clients to fit the work into busy schedules. Finally, with reinforced sealing, and improved thermal and acoustic insulative properties, your customers are certain to be delighted with the results. 

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