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Onduline has been manufacturing roofing materials and systems for cladding, waterproofing and structural work for building contractors for 75 years. Environmentally friendly products that are easy to install, offer excellent performance and meet your customers' needs.


Environmental commitment

With a positive carbon balance of 4066 g CO2/m², the lowest in their category, Onduline's roofing solutions respect the environment.  

Guaranteed products

Depending on the range, our products are guaranteed for up to 30 years.

Compliance with regulations

Onduline's solutions comply with the regulations in force.

Professional waterproofing, cladding and roofing materials

Onduline, the expert supplier, offers materials specially designed for exterior cladding, waterproofing, roof covering and structural work. Robust and reliable, they guarantee high-quality results for construction specialists. 
Onduline offers a wide choice of high-performance, innovative materials: roofing and over-roofing materials, roof underlays, polycarbonate panels…

Increase your efficiency with our specialist advice

For all your projects, we provide practical tools and detailed documentation for each material. 

Practical information

Certificates, guarantees… discover the many data sheets and documents that will be useful for your projects and your customers. 


Any question on the best and safer way to install our products? Click here to see installation instructions of our various solutions for roofing, cladding and waterproofing. 

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16 February 2019

We care for your safety. Think also your family wants you to come back unhurt home. Below a couple of tips for safer work conditions on roofs