ONDUVILLA for DIY applications

Product benefits
Very easy to install, intuitive installation
No specific tool required
Secured waterproofing thanks to smart lock system and Onduline Sealsmart Technology
Fully compliant with roofing regulations (CE - Norm EN 534)
15-year warranty

ONDUVILLA roofing bitumen tiles give a real look of clay tile to the roof.
Numerous colours and effects have been developed to make sure your shed roof really imitates the clay tiled roofs you like, and popular in your region. This makes ONDUVILLA naturally blending into your landscape and contributes to the general beauty of your shed roof, patio or leisure house, and of your garden!

ONDUVILLA is a unique roofing solution, attractive and extremely simple to install on all kind of timber structures. You can absolutely install it all by yourself, without specific skills!  
The compact format of the tiles combined with the very light weight of the material makes it very easy to carry, transport in your car, lift up to the roof and manipulate. You don't need any external assistance or extra tool. The installation has been made very intuitive!  
Thanks to ONDUVILLA smart lock system, materialized though 2 parallel embossed lines located at each side of the tile, you are sure to secure the overlaps for perfect waterproofing of the shed roof. Also, these lines help you to align the tiles in a very straightforward manner, for a beautiful rendering of your annexe building roof. They will also help you to fix straight all fasteners on top of the corrugations. 

ONDUVILLA material is safe for the people and our environment. 
Onduline material does not contain any asbestos and never had. There is no chemical substance in the product, and therefore there isn't any release in the air or in the water along the product lifecycle or during its installation on your shed roof. Moreover, Onduline material does not contain any metal inside: you have the guarantee it will never rust!

ONDUVILLA imitation tile sheets come in a variety of models: …

  • Length: 107 cm
  • Height: 40 cm
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Wave height: 38 mm
  • Gross surface per tile: 0,428 m²
  • Net surface per tile: 0,31 m²
  • Tiles per m2: 3.23 pcs
  • Weight per tile: 1,27 kg
  • Weight per m2: 4 kg
  • Carbon footprint: 4 kg eq CO2 /m²


Available Colors

  • Shaded Red
  • Shaded Green
  • Shaded Brown
  • Black
  • Classic Red
  • Fiorentino 3D
  • Terracotta 3D
  • Stone Grey 3D
  • Slate Grey
  • Ebony Black
  • Napoletano Red
  • Torino Brown
Garden Shed
Leisure house
Horse stable
Garden Shed
Installation and documentation

ONDUVILLA tiles are provided with a 15-year waterproofing warranty going along with the respect of our installation guidelines and the use of ONDULINE accessories (Ridge, Verge, Fixings). 
Should you have any question, please consult our FAQ or don't hesitate to contact us directly!


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