Does your customer have a project of renovation of old roofs, historic buildings or a new roof to build with tiles?  

ISOLINE under-roofings benefits are: 
=> Proven waterproofing: up to 30 years warranty for ISOLINE
=> Speed ​​of installation for installers: easy to install, flexible to adapt to old structures, quick waterproofing, easy tile alignment, work with successive vertical stripes (no need to remove the whole the roof in place), easy to transport, cut & install, safer walkability. Roofers can save time and money on construction jobsites
==> more comfort thanks to an improved thermal and acoustic insulation, and the double ventilation of the roof, essential for roof durability & the customer's satisfaction
=> suitable for weak slopes, making ISOLINE ideal for all architectural projects
=> preserves the original aesthetics of the roof, and is therefore recommended for historical buildings
=> multipurpose underroofing sheets that simplifies your stock management!
=> solution: Isoline or Ondutiss ranges

Another possibility: Ondutiss underlays
The applications are air, wind and watertightness for roofs and facades, protection of insulation, avoid leaks...
Ondutiss is a complete range of underlayers, breathable or non-breathable membranes and vapor barriers of different quality levels to better match the projects and the requests of your customers
Ondutiss underlayers are easy to install and  benefit of Onduline quality.

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Projects and testimonials from professionals

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