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Onduline Tile
Onduline Tile
Onduline Tile
Onduline Tile
Onduline Tile
Onduline Tile
Onduline Tile
Onduline Tile
Onduline Tile
Onduline Tile
Onduline Tile
Onduline Tile


Product Benefits

Tile-effect bitumen sheets
Secured waterproofing thanks to Sealsmart technology and smart overlapping system
Fast weatherproofing, limiting the necessary time of the works
Eco-friendly material
Complete system for optimized aesthetics
Aesthetical roof looking
Adapt any roof structure, in new build as in renovation
Sheets guaranteed for 15 years

A brand new tile design to enhance the beauty of your roof, with all advantages of a long asphalt roofing panel

ONDULINE TILE asphalt roof panels give the roof a beautiful appearance of a tiled roof. 

Onduline designers get inspiration from from traditional clay tiled roofs, and trendy metal tiled roofs to create ONDULINE TILE roofing system. This very nice tile roof design immediately transforms any building look and make it blend into its natural environement.  

ONDULINE TILE benefits from the unique advantages of Onduline technology: 

  • Safe and durable waterproofing thanks to a secured roofing system and exclusibe Sealsmart Technology
  • Fast and easy to install for quick weatherproofing of your house
  • Reliable, and durable
  • Affordable in price
  • Eco Responsible: made with eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing process, ONDULINE TILE asphalt panels participates to a durable respect of our environment
  • Lightweight roofing solution, can fit any roof structure on full decked roof or on discontinuous substructure made of wood or metal purlins
  • Usable for both new-build and renovation.


Installation and documentation

Installation advice

ONDULINE TILE roof sheets are quick and easy to install, and require only basic tools.
View our step-by-step installation instructions.



ONDULINE TILE sheets are provided with a 15-year waterproofing warranty going along with the respect of our installation guidelines and the use of ONDULINE accessories (Ridge, Verge, Fixings).


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