General Overview



Product Benefits

Easy to carry
Easy to handle
Safe, no hazardous substance
Durable, do not rust
Flexible, do not cut. Ideal for children outdoor playgrounds
Compact roofing element
Easy to install
10-Year waterproofing warranty

ONDULINE EASYLINE is a compact roofing solution. The handly material ensures an easy and longlasting solution for your sheds roofs.

Onduline EASYLINE is the perfect solution for anyone aiming at covering or renovating a shed. With a format of 1x0,76m, ONDULINE EASYLINE® sheets are very compact : they fit in any car trun, and are easy to transport. 
The sheets are lightweight, enabling anybody to undertake a roofing action. EASYLINE is perfect for small canopy roofs and can be used efficienly for Garden sheds, wood shelters, patios or small extensions.
6 bright colors are available to give the roof a beautiful looking. 
Onduline material is completely safe : it does not contain any asbestos. Also Onduline material does not contain any metal: 

  • meaning no sharp edge nor risk of finger cut or head shock,
  • menaing it will never rust, even it coastal areas!


Installation and Documentation

Installation advices

Our 3 main installation advices

1 / Onduline recommends an installation on a full deck support (OSB type, plywood, wooden planks..). However fixing it on a discontinuous supports is also possible: In this case, it is highly suggested to respect a distance of 45cm maximum between purlins in order to optimize the product durability and its aesthetics over time.

2/ Using Onduline fasteners is mandatory to activate the 10-year product warranty. Their quality is fully monitored, especially corrosion and UV resistance, to make sure fixings will durably last on the roof. Also they secure long term waterproofing: Indeed Onduline nails and screws all come with a pre-assembled waterproofing washer of 16mm minimum, made on purpose. The respect of their position (every corrugation at eave, overlaps..) and the quantity (15/sheet) will definitely impact the durability of your roof. 

3/ At eaves (near the gutter if there is one), we recommend to apply a overhang of 7cm maximum.

Find more details and explanatory drawings in our installation leaflet and our videos.


EASYFIX installation video

Would you like to install ONDULINE EASYLINE with a professional? Contact a roofing installer through our search engine.