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Easy maintenance
An eco-responsible product, with a carbon footprint of only 4kg CO²/m²
Watertightness guaranteed 10 years
Watertight cover sheets
Good value for money
Easy installation

With ONDULINE BASE sheets, you can easily waterproof or renovate the roof of your ancillary constructions: recreational buildings, garden sheds, carports, patios, wood shelters, gazebos, barbecues. 

ONDULINE BASE roofing sheets are praised for their ease of installation. The installation requires no special skills, just common sense! Only a few extremely simple principles are to be followed to ensure perfect watertightness and optimum durability. Follow the step by step advice presented in our installation videos or in our brochure, and your installation will be successful for a more durable roof! 

Why is it so easy to install ONDULINE BASE?

  • Easy to handle and carry: ONDULINE BASE roofing sheets are extremely light (5.1 kg/sheet) and therefore easy to carry around and handle during installation. This is very useful, in particular when you need to raise them to the roof during the installation process! With a width of 85.5 cm, they also fit in virtually any car.   
  • Your roof easily becomes waterproof: Intuitive overlaps between the sheets guarantee secure watertightness while Sealsmart technology ensures watertightness sometimes at critical points of the roof, particularly the fasteners.  
  • Easily adjusts to all types of support structures: The sheets are easy to cut out. A cutter or saw is enough to cut them to your construction's dimensions. The sheets are flexible and they adapt to your support structure. You can therefore install them on a structure worn by the passing of time, or over a used roofing material, without having to remove anything, like old shingles or a bitumen felt for example.  
  • A virtually maintenance free roof: The steeper the slope, the easier the rain will discharge leaves or other debris that may accumulate on your roof. However, if the slope is not sufficiently inclined, we recommend that you take action when necessary to guarantee an optimal flow of rainwater and prevent the rotting of leaves on the roof.

Beyond the norm, an environmentally-friendly roof

ONDULINE BASE roofing sheets comply with the EN534 European standard. You will be able to easily locate the CE logo on the products at the store. 
Made mainly from recycled fibres, they offer a carbon footprint of only 4 kg CO2/m². A very good energy balance for a roofing material! This is confirmed by the regular analysis of our factories and of the composition of our products by independent organizations.  

  • VAR ICC-ES certification confirms the high rate of recycled material used in the composition of the roofing sheet (48% recycled fibers). 
  • The Environmental Product Declaration or EPD distinguishes the positive ecological footprint of our production cycle.      
  • Tests in certified laboratories confirm that ONDULINE Roofing Sheets do not contain any substance that is dangerous for humans and their environment. They emit no such substances in the air or water during the product's life cycle. 
  • Onduline is a safe, asbestos-free (it never contained any asbestos), metal-free (it doesn't rust, doesn't cut the fingers when handling, doesn't cut if someone hits their head against the roof - it is therefore ideal for gardens with children) material 
  • The pigments used to dye our sheets are of natural origin (organic pigments).  Choosing ONDULINE BASE for your roof is an extra step towards preserving our environment!  

  • Length: 200 cm
  • Width: 85.5 cm
  • Weight of the sheet: 5.1 kg
  • Weight per m2: 3.0 kg
  • Effective area per sheet: 1.4m2 

ONDULINE BASE sheets are available in 10 shades, including /

  • 4 standard shades (Red, Green, Brown, Black)
  • 6 new brighter colors: Intense Red, Intense Black, Intense Brown, Intense Green, Intense Ceramic and Intense Grey.  

You will find ONDULINE BASE at your nearest DIY store or depending on your location at a building materials business via a roofing company.

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Installation and documentation
Installation tips

Some laying tips

Here are some laying recommendations to be followed that will make a noticeable difference on the life of your roof and its looks over time. Find more information in our installation guides downloadable from this page. 

  • Support structure: A continuous OSB support structure is recommended. An installation on battens is quite possible but make sure to respect the spacing between the battens according to the slope. 
  • Overflow to the sewer: the ONDULINE BASE sheet must not protrude more than 5 cm from the support structure, otherwise it risks sagging with time.  
  • Fasteners: Respect the number of fasteners (10 /sqm), especially in the sewer (lower part of the roof) and the overlaps. Each wave must be fastened to both ends of the sheet. Use Onduline fasteners. 

Special screws and tips with an integrated sealing washer are available at all points of sale. They ensure watertightness and optimize the durable good looks of your roof.   


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