Renovation of roofs covered with asbestos, fiber cement or shingles? Recommend Onduline roofing solutions like an over-coverage with Onduline or Onduvilla or Onduclair Renov -depending on your customers' needs.  

The applications are : all kind of old roofs, with leakages, thermal and acoustic issues... to renovate old asbestos, shingles or corrugated sheets...

Onduline over-roofing advantages are:

  • The original roof remains in place: the installer intervenes from outside and places a new relaible roof over the existing roof, the family or the company continue to live or work as usual - without fearing the consequences of heavy rains or storms, eg
  • The roofers will be happy to avoid these troubles to their customers. They can organize more easily their planning even if they have to abandone the site for a couple of day for another emergency.
  • Onduline over-roofing solutions are lightweight. The structure usually does not need to be reinforced to support the weight of this additionnal material and weight (an real advantage for the owners)
  •  Onduline over-roofing solutions bring more comfort to your customers: improved waterproofing, better thermal and acoustic insulation and peace of mind!

Recommended Onduline over-roofing solutions: 

  • Over-roofing with Onduline corrugated sheets or tiles in Onduvilla (especially on shingles) 
  • Over-roofing with Onduclair renov (rather for professional buildings covered with asbestos) 

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