Do you supply Onduline in different lengths?

Yes, there are different profiles within Onduline range, and a specific geometry for each of them. 
Onduline Classic (10 corrugations) comes in one standard size of 2 x 0.95m, that can easily be cut to match your needs. 
Respective measurement of several roofing products: 

  • Onduline Base and Onduline Ondutoit 9 (9 corrugations) measure 2x0,855m. 
  • Onduline Easyfix (6 corrugations & 5 flat parts) measures 2 x 0,81m. 
  • Onduline Easyline (8 corrugations) measures 1 x 0,76m in Europe and in Asia (10 corrugations) : 1x0,95m 
  • Onduline Ondalux (10 corrugations) measures 2 x 0.95m. 
  • Onduline Ondever (15 corrugations) measures 2 x 0,953m.  
  • Onduline Design Duo and Onduline Classic 235 measure 2 x 1,045m
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