Can I paint an Onduline or Onduvilla roof?

Use a specific water-based roofing paint, preferably an exterior grade latex acrylic paint or pure acrylic paint.
ONDUPAINT is specially recommended for this application. The optimum quantity is one liter of paint for 5m2, depending on the type of paint. Check the specification written on the paint tin. In case of loss of color/ discoloration/erosion, the adhesion of the paint may be affected due to possible loss of primary layer.
As a consequence it is highly recommended to apply a primer prior to repainting. In case of doubt please contact your Onduline sales office
Do not use solvent, coatings or oil based paints on Onduline material. 
You may consult the "Maintenance and Repainting instructions" brochure for more detailed advices. 

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